Words of Thanks

Here are some of the words of thanks we have received over the years.  Some of these notes were shortened for brevity.

Mr. Mills,

    Thank you for the generous donation and helping support us in our efforts with the basketball All-Star team.

Thanks again,

Mallory Heard
Destiny Fahndrich
Crater Athletics

Dear Dave,

    I would like to thank Airport Chevrolet for your golf sponsorship for our 12th annual ACCESS Golf Tournament.  The proceeds will be used to provide valuable services to residents in our community through our ACCESS programs.

    Our programs and resources help local residents in need of food assistance, affordable housing, energy and home weatherization.  We also have a free medical equipment loan program and now have programs for veterans.  We do our best to improve the lives of families and individuals in need in Jackson County.


Pam Slater
Development Director

From: Helping Hands International

    Thank you so much for your sponsorship at our recent mini-golf tournament!  We brought in over $11,000 for the night!

    Your generous donation helps us to continue our work here in the U.S. and around the world.  With your help we are making a difference!

God bless you,

Ron Ashpole
President HHI


    Thank you for your generous donation to St. Vincent de Paul Light the Winter Fires fund raiser.

    The support of businesses and individuals like you make a huge difference in the lives of the least fortunate of Jackson County.

    Thank you and God bless you.


Socorro Holloway
Council President

Dear Dave,

Thank you for donating to Dancing With The Rogue Valley Stars, a benefit for Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs.

    Thanks to your support, we are able to continue assisting families with children in medical need, as well as teach kids valuable life lessons of compassion and empathy.  We know that our efforts are only possible because of the contributions we receive from generous donors like you, and we thank you again for believing in and supporting our mission.


Terri King
Executive Director

Dear Dave,

    Thank you very much for your support as a "Virtual golfer at our event!"

Leanne Wood
Director of Development
Grace Christian School

Dear Greg & Dave,

    I want to thank you and your organization for your generous donation as an Advocate Sponsor for the Family Nurturing Center's Magic Hours event.  In planning the event, we had hoped to not only help the community become aware of the needs of hundreds of children and families who struggle with abuse and neglect and to encourage their support in helping children heal, but also to have a delightful and elegant evening.  You certainly helped us to reach all of our goals.  On behalf of our Board and staff, and the children and families we are privileged to serve, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

    Because of a caring community filled with people like you and organizations like Airport Chevrolet, the Family Nurturing Center, like the other Relief Nurseries in Oregon, is becoming a major force in the reduction of child maltreatment.  Daily we see parents gaining a better understanding of how to care for their children and keep them safe.  We see children heal from abuse and gradually begin to experience childhood as it was intended-joyful, secure, healthy and loved.

    Again I want to thank you for your generous donation.  We were delighted with the outcome of the event, which provided resources that will help us serve some of the over 120 children who are waiting to enroll in the program.

With kindest regards,

Mary-Curtis Gramley
Executive Director

Clover Leonard
President, Board of Directors

Dear Dave and Janice,

    Thank you very much for your gift of sponsorship for Hoover Elementary School, the Sparrow Club that adopted Tommy Hegler as their sparrow for the 2011/2012 school year.  It is only through the continued support of good friends like yourself that we are able to support the efforts of kids helping kids in medical need through Sparrow Clubs.

    The club has completed their community service hours for the 2011/2012 school year.  We are proud of their accomplishments and have included a breakdown of the activities they completed so you can see how your sponsorship has opened a door for many kids to lend a helping hand, not only for the child in medical crisis, but for their communities.

    Thank you again for participating in Sparrow Clubs, USA.


Terri King, Sparrow Clubs USA

Dear Dave,

    Thank you for your generous Sparrow Project sponsorship gift received on 10-4-12.  Your sponsorship offer benefits to the community, to a family in crisis--and perhaps most important, to schools and youth who benefit by heroic acts of kindness.

    A local business leader wrote the following to us in a letter regarding Sparrow Clubs:
    "I am pleased to highly recommend the Sparrow Clubs program.  It is designed to provide multiple benefits.  At the core is a way to help medically fragile children get help that they cannot afford.  If that was all it accomplished that alone would be reason enough to recommend the program.  But it does much, much more.

    The idea of giving other kids the change to help the child in need by earning money through community service is brilliant.  It teaches the children many lessons.  They will learn that part of being a member of a community should include helping others.  The children will learn that they have the power to make a difference.  The kids that participate will feel better about themselves."

    Our young people certainly do need heroes like you, as sponsors behind the scenes.  Thank you once again for joining us in this important work that is impacting so many lives of youth and children.


Steve Mezich
Executive Director

Dear Dave & Janice,

    A sincere thank you again for your generous gift to the Jacksonville Elementary School playground.  Your gift will benefit the children of this community for many years to come.

    Thank you for making a difference!


Sandy Metwally
Project Coordinator

Dear Dave & Janice,

    Thank you very much for your gift of sponsorship for Island Pacific Academy, the Sparrow Club that adopted Dustin Luli as their sparrow for the 2011/2012 school year.  It is only through the continued support of good friends like yourself that we are able to support the efforts of kids helping kids in medical need through Sparrow clubs.

    Thank you again for participating in sparrow Clubs USA.


Terri King
Sparrow Clubs USA

Dear Dave Mills,

    The Chamber Leadership Class would like to thank you for your donation to the 2012/2013 Leadership Project; The Gospel Garden for the Medford Gospel Mission.  Thanks to your support, the mission now has a beautiful community garden located onsite at 125 W. Jackson Street.  The raised bed garden will provide sustainable, organically grown produce for their kitchen where they serve restaurant -style meals daily -- over 90,000 meals a year.  Your generosity allowed the Leadership Class to make a significant difference in the lives of those that receive their meals from the Main Ingredient restaurant at the Medford Gospel Mission.


Fundraising Committee Members
2012/2013 Chamber Leadership Class

Dear Dave,

    This letter is written to formerly thank Airport Chevrolet for the donation of a brake lathe.  This donation will benefit students from both Josephine and Jackson counties enrolled in our Diesel Technology program.

    On behalf of the Rogue Community College Foundation Board of Directors and our students we appreciate your donation and support of Rogue community college.


Alison Pazourek
Foundati0n Coordinator

Dear Mr. Mills, DeBoer, Wallace and Hoque,

    On behalf of Providence Community Health Foundation, I would like to thank you for your gift to Cancer Center Medication Assistance Fund in support of our Mission to care for the poor and vulnerable through compassionate service.

    The Sisters of Providence established a Mission in Medford over 100 years ago that Providence Medical Center continues to uphold to care for the poor and vulnerable through our compassionate service.  Thank you for partnering with Providence to make a difference for every patient tat walks through our doors for care, regardless of their ability to pay.


Jodi Bernard
Executive Director
Providence Community Health Foundation

Dear Dave,

    Thank you so much for your generous donation, everything helps.  We are a small non-profit that serves Josephine and Jackson counties.  We help seniors and people with disabilities to remain as independent as possible, all the while saving the state huge amounts of money.

Best wishes,

Randy Samuelson
HASL Independent Abilities Center

Dear Dave,

    Thank you for your generous support of Sparrow Clubs USA for the year 2011!  You have greatly helped to further our mission of enabling students to truly experience the real meaning of compassion and service by giving of themselves to others in times of need.


Steve Mezich
Executive Director

Dear Greg,

    Thank you for your sponsorship of the Addictions recovery Center (ARC). We are thrilled to receive your support.  As you many know, every $1.00 invested in substance abuse treatment brings with it a savings of $5.60 in other costs to the community.  Your generous investment will save the community significant costs associated wit6h child welfare services, law enforcement, emergency room visits and more.

    We are proud to be partners with you in this effort.  Again, thank you for your expressed confidence in our agency, programs and staff.


Chris Mason
Executive Director

Tim George
Board President

Dear Dave,

    We are very pleased to have you on board again as a partner in our 3rd Annual Amateur Comedy Night - "Battle for the Mic" fund raiser.

    As you know, the goal of Wilderness Trails is to build character, perseverance, and hope through camping and other outdoor activities.  Our program works with children and youth in Southern Oregon who have many types of problems in their young lives.  We offer year-round camps including week-long summer camps and weekend follow up retreats during the school year for the children.  There is no cost to the children that attend our camps or their families and we receive no government financial support.  We are completely dependent on wonderful people like you to keep this program working and growing.

    We greatly appreciate your donation to this fund raiser.

Thank you for your support.

Chris Smith
Executive Director

Dear Airport Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac,

    Thank you for contributing to our September fundraiser.  We were pleased with the turnout.


Eric Dubin
Executive Director
Stop Land Grab

Dear Dave,

    Thank you again for being a part of our 100 Hole Golf Challenge!

Leanne Wood
Director of Development
Grace Christian School

To Dave Mills and Airport Chevrolet,

    Thank you so much for supporting our school with your donation to our auction.


Grace Christian School

Airport Chevrolet,

    On behalf of Howard elementary, I would like to sincerely thank you for your recent donation/purchase of blow-pops as part of our school fundraiser.  Your donation will be used towards end of year field trips and behavior incentives.

    Best wishes and again, thanks so much for your support of the work we do here at Howard with our students and families.


Julie Logston
Office Manager
Howard Elementary


    I just wanted to thank you for the successful promotion during May that raised enough money to help 14 women in need with assistance for their mammogram.  The need continues to grow from patients seen in the Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center at Providence - the staff is truly thankful for your support to partner to make a difference.

Thanks again,

Jodi Barnard
Executive Director

Dear Dave and Janice,

    Thank you for your continued support of our Providence Foundation and for raising (money) for the Sister Therese Kohles Fund for breast cancer.  With your help we are able to serve so many people in need.

Thank you!

Tom Hanenburg

Dave & Janice,

    Once again I thank you for partnering with Sparrow Clubs to make a difference in so many lives.  Your family is so very special to me and it is such an honor for me to be able to call you my friends.

God bless you both!

Matt Sampson

Thank you very much for your donation ... it is very much appreciated.

We had a great year this year, serving 990 children in 32 schools in Jackson and Josephine counties, had more than 700 reading volunteers, and another 63 who volunteered their time to coordinate programs in each of the school!

Julie Brimble
SMART Area Manager

Dave and Janice,

    On behalf of the Jacksonville Open golf Tournament and Auction Dinner we would like to thank you for your participation in the 20th annual fundraiser.  Without the thoughtful and generous contribution by people like you this worthy community effort would not be a success.  Due to everyone's good works we raised even more money than last year.

On behalf of the JOGT Committee.


Airport Chevrolet Buick GMC CADILLAC

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